What is buttformation?

Do you go to the gym? Have you seen the gorgeous girls walking around parading their flawless booties in very short shorts? Of course you have! This website is dedicated to the big round butts who love to work out and put in a lot of effort to stay in shape. On Buttformation you'll see the biggest asses working themselves into sweat with the help of a personal trainer. Our personal trainers are obsessed by butts and make sure that the girls can only go to bed once their butt is round and firm!

What's so special?

Ok, we have to admit..... We're not the kind of workout program which actually gets the results, the result is below our waist because all we want is to get in the girls' pants! As you might know, working out generates a higher libido and who doesn't want to have some fun?!

What can I see when I join?

Once you're a member you'll be able to enjoy all our dirty fantasies! Deep squats with hot girls, hell we might even take of their pants and have them squat on our cock!

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